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Ten Reasons To Hire A Sharepoint Server Or Biztalk Microsoft Developer

Ten Reasons To Hire A Sharepoint Server Or Biztalk Microsoft Developer

September 23, 2010 @ 2:11 am
by Chris

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Recently I was comparing and contrasting the differences between Biztalk Microsoft and Sharepoint Server and Yahoo Answers had this to say about that:

Q: Explain how Biztalk & Sharepoint server differ?

A: BizTalk is for moving and transforming data between systems – i.e., moving HR data from a vendor system into an in house system. It’s a lot more complex than that, but that’s the general idea.

SharePoint is a collaboration platform – so, a place to upload documents, share information, work on things with other people, etc. Also a very simplified explanation, but they are very, very different products.

Thanks John D for that response.

From this answer we can now delve into why a business needs a Sharepoint or Biztalk programmer.

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First up, 10 reasons to hire a Biztalk programmer:

1. Biztalk provides strong support for transformations.
2. Adapter based environments are a key aspect of Biztalk.
3. If you are looking for a sustainable messaging platform you will find it within the Biztalk technology.
4. Keeping track of a wide array of data is a key aspect of the Biztalk transformation pipelines.
5. Biztalk has very flexible control mechanisms.
6. The healthy amount of settings and environments within Biztalk make it robustly customizable to a large variety of platforms.
7. You can see what is taking place as it happens because of the Business Activity Monitoring feature of Biztalk.
8. Biztalk’s tools can be used for versioning, in-flight change & scalability.
9. Biztalk security platforms can be molded into a huge array of settings.
10. Support from Biztalk is a high point. You can find everything from developer communities to query to Biztalk professionals ready to help be it in house consulting or Independent consultants.

Now it is time to look at ten reasons for hiring a Sharepoint programmer.

Microsoft will deliver us our first 3 points.

1. Sharepoint provides a vast array of cost cutting advantages for those that use this technology.
2. The integrated infrastructure of Sharepoint makes it extremely affordable for your business communication.
3. Take action quickly on all mission critical aspects of your company with Sharepoint.

Sharepoint also provides great advantages in the following ways:

4. Team collaboration from a single area is extremely possible with Sharepoint technology.
5. Develop and store projects easily using the document library.
6. Involving all team members from planning to completion becomes an easily doable event to be had with Sharepoint.
7. Sharing reports throughout the entire company is easy to do because of Sharepoint technology.
8. Production in areas like creation and maintenance are easy to accomplish using Sharepoint.
9. You are in full control of optimal communication when you deploy Sharepoint for a variety of reasons targeted on your company.
10. Document libraries, survey & departmental projects, meeting sites and discussion boards can all be affective tools created by Sharepoint technology.

There are more advantages to both Biztalk and Sharepoint, however my hope is that you will have a better understand of why to|I anticipate that you will understand more about when to|the points above will help lead you to making the right choice when you are ready to} recruit Sharepoint Server programmer compared to someone talented in Sharepoint Server technology.

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